You can download here the files of the completely useless typeface Tribasei, designed by Luciano Perondi, based on Nebiolo's Fregio Mecano

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Until 15 01 2007 You can download a .zip file including (1) a Tribasei font, (2) the license for using the font and (3) the "how to use" file (~1,3 MB) by clicking here or on the image above

A nonsense typeface for a 2007 full of sense!

* Don't even hope to find a sense in this typeface

You can download our "how to use" file by clicking here (~1,3 MB)

Click here if You want to Click download only the font.
If You download the font, You accept the conditions in the license, please, read them carefully! (download the license by clicking here)

If You are not interested in the typeface, accept anyway our
best wishes!
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