You can download here the Acrobat Reader's files of the typefaces designed by Luciano Perondi.
Molotro produces original custom typefaces for corporate identities, for sign systems and also for any kind of editorial purpose.
Thanks to the work on the reading process conducted with EXP Research Unit, Molotro is able to design new custom typefaces that can improve legibility, readability and economy of space according application.
To ask for more information feel free to contact us writing to:

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> all the typefaces designed by Luciano Perondi until 08 09 2004
< download .pdf > (~900 KB)

Csuni, Carattere Senza Un Nome Importante/Typeface With No Important Name 2002-2003, Included in ADI Design Index 2004!!
< download .pdf >
If you are interested to buy this font write to:

Sessantacinque, 2003- (work in progress)
< download .pdf >

DeA, for DeAgostini, 2003
< no .pdf >

Csuni1885, for Mattioli1885 (see also Experience1885), 2003
< download .pdf >

Mattioli1885*, for Mattioli1885 (see also Experience1885), 2003, Included in ADI Design Index 2004!!
< download .pdf >

Zotica/o*, for Milano Film Festival & Zetalab, 2004
< download .pdf > New versions available (10 09 2004)!

Ccunami*, Carattere Con Un Nome Ancora Meno Importante/Typeface With A Name Even Less Important, 2004 (work in progress)
< download .pdf >

Minotype* (alias Ninzioletto), a stencil typeface designed for Venice sign system, commissioned by IUAV ( 2004
< download .pdf >

TecnoTipo, a typeface designed for Tecno
< download .pdf >(~1,0 MB)

A typeface for Sole 24 Ore, designed by Molotro.

Solferino Text. A custom typeface for Corriere della Sera, designed by Leftloft + Molotro.

coming soon, new designs
< download .pdf >(~1,0 MB)

The pdf of the forthcoming Dic Sans

Nanoline, the thinnest typeface of ever!

(Not so) soon on line Ccuncamism!!

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